China has a population of 1.3 billion with a booming economy and a rich cultural history.  At the same time, China faces challenges related to the rule of law.  The criminal justice system is sometimes compromised by political interference and violations of due process of law and  administrative agencies are subject to corruption and poor enforcement of regulations. Moreover, checks on the executive branch are very limited and the poor and oppressed are particularly vulnerable to oppression and abuse.  China’s migrants are particularly vulnerable.  China has the largest number of internal migrant workers in the world.  Estimates are that well over 200 million immigrants from rural areas have flooded China’s cities in the quest for better employment opportunities in the past two decades.  This number will likely swell to over 500 million by 2020. Although this mass migration has helped fuel China’s remarkable economic growth, it has also spawned severe social and rule of law problems.

Legal Casework

ChineWeb-LegalWorkJVI is laying the foundation to multiply the impact of justice ventures bringing freedom to women and children victims of sex trafficking and other forms of human trafficking. JVI is also analyzing strategies for working effectively with the Chinese government to bring greater accountability to offenders.

JVI is conducting pro bono legal research regarding the rights of migrant workers. JVI is also identifying justice venture partners and analyzing strategies to promote greater access to decent housing, jobs, education and health care for Chinese migrants living in China’s mega-cities.

Human Rights Training

China Web-human-RightstrainingJVI recently sponsored a pilot legal aid program for migrant workers living in the slums of Beijing, China, in collaboration with local partners. The training focused on the rights of migrant workers under Chinese employment law. We are working to develop pro bono legal aid programs to bring greater freedom, justice, and restoration to this vulnerable community.

Rights Based Advocacy

China-Web-rightsbased advocacy2JVI representatives visited Chengdu, Beijing, and Shanghai in the Spring of 2009 to visit with Chinese public defenders and other legal aid lawyers to identify and evaluate future strategies for promoting greater freedom, justice and restoration for prisoners and other marginalized groups in China.

Freedom Businesses

Currently serving women in South and South East Asia, Nomi Network is a nonprofit organization based in New York City that aims to create economic opportunities for survivors and women at risk of human trafficking. We are dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty that perpetuates human trafficking globally. Nomi Network creates jobs for women who are survivors and at risk of being trafficked.

Nomi Network manufactures our signature Buy Her Bag Not Her Body® and Made for a Better LifeTM products, which are sold in the U.S. to raise funds and awareness of trafficking. Proceeds from the sale of these bags provide wages, healthcare, and training for the “Nomi’s” we serve in South and South East Asia.

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