Our Work

Legal Case Work
JVI delivers high quality legal and related services in partnership with community-based organizations for victims of human trafficking and other extreme injustices.

Human Rights Training
JVI provides effective human rights training to victims of injustice, local leaders, lawyers and other stakeholders

Rights-Based Advocacy
JVI provides rights-based advocacy services, researching and promoting positive changes in law, policy and practice to key stakeholders on specific human rights issues.

Freedom Businesses
JVI effectively markets and sells products made by human trafficking survivors and provides other legal and business support to ventures that bring freedom and restoration to those suffering injustice.


JVI works with justice ventures to eradicate human trafficking, to empower the urban poor and to ensure access to justice.

Eradicating Human Trafficking
Each year, hundreds of thousands of people, mostly women and children, are involuntarily trafficked across national borders. Millions more are trapped and held captive within their home countries. Overall, the number of slaves in the world today has been estimated to exceed 27 million. Human trafficking is a multi-dimensional threat, depriving people of their freedoms, spreading life-threatening diseases and funding the growth of organized crime. Human trafficking has a devastating impact on the victims who often suffer physical and emotional abuse, rape, threats against self and family, and sometimes even death. Human trafficking not only destroys individual lives, but also threatens the safety and security of all nations it touches. JVI works with justice ventures seeking to eradicate human trafficking by rescuing, protecting and restoring victims of sex-slavery, bonded slavery and other forms of forced labor.

Empowering the Urban Poor
Cities are home to one-half of the world’s population. This proportion is projected to continue to grow to two-thirds, or 6 billion people, by 2050. While cities are political, economic and cultural centers that generate wealth and opportunity, they are also often places of abuse and oppression for slum dwellers who suffer from crime, corruption, disease, pollution and poverty. In developing countries, slum dwellers number from approximately one third to over half of the population in cities, and have limited or no access to shelter, water, and sanitation. According to the United Nations’ reports, slum dwellers in developing countries are living under conditions as bad or worse than their rural counterparts. JVI supports justice ventures empowering the urban poor through promoting and protecting the rights, and empowering the economic prospects, of poor men, women and children living in the slum areas of the world’s largest cities.

Ensure Justice for Vulnerable Groups
Around the world, the vulnerable poor are often exploited and left without a voice. Improving, facilitating and expanding individual and collective access to law and justice ensures the protection of human rights and supports economic and social development. Legal reforms give the poor the opportunity to assert their individual and property rights while improved access to justice empowers the poor to enforce those rights. Increasing accessibility to courts lessens and overcomes the economic, psychological, informational and physical barriers faced by women and children, minority and indigenous populations, and other vulnerable individuals. JVI works to strengthen justice ventures seeking to improve access to justice by securing legal counsel and other legal services for the poor and oppressed on both an individual and collective basis.


To accomplish our goals, JVI serves local “justice ventures” – private or public enterprises promoting freedom, justice, and development by assisting victims of abuse and oppression – to eradicate human trafficking, to empower the urban poor, and to ensure access to justice.
We work to strengthen justice ventures in three ways:

  • We equip local justice ventures and leaders, increasing their effectiveness in bringing justice to victims
  • We invest in justice ventures, mobilizing and deploying capital to fight injustice
  • We engage global partners and volunteers, multiplying the impact of local justice ventures)